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Motown Knights Gig List 2016!!!

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A BIG Hello! To All Our Loyal “Motown Knights” Fans….

I am extremely – chuffed –  to finally present to you – the 2016 Motown Knights Gig List

Motown Knights Gig List for 2016!…has taken ages to arrive – as usual – as per tradition.  Any story or excuse I could give you would only ring – hollow. What can I tell you? Y’all know by now that I’m congenitally lazy. So let’s just leave it at that eh? Except that….well the dog really did eat my computer – again!???

Seriously though I do hope that in 2016 you will actually come and see us at one of our Motown, Soul & Reggae extravaganzas. After all you can’t say you’ve really been to a “Motown night” or a “Soul night” until you’ve been to a Motown Knights gig….and “got down” on the dance floor…

We trust we’ll see you soon. Just click the links above to find out where we are…

Yours As Ever

Emmanuel – Motown Knights

Hi Folks,

Just a quick post before I update our gig list which as I’m sure you’ve noticed – is long overdue!

As you know – I don’t usually bother publicizing individual Motown Knights gigs…on account of the fact that I’m just tooooo deeeamm lazy….

However a promise is a promise and I – promised a certain Mr Chris Brown that I would create a post regarding our upcoming gig this Friday (4th March 2016).

So loyal and oh so patient Motown Knights fans please take note that we will be appearing in the evening at: –

Mapperley Plains Social Club, Plains Rd, Mapperley, Nottingham. NG3 5RH on the above date.

Tickets are available from Mr Chris Brown….I think he still has some available…

His mobile telephone number is 07970 931292

It would be great to see you all there if you can make it…

Alright – “promise” fulfilled.  Now to update this gig list.

Thanks For Keeping The Faith.

Emmanuel – The Motown Knights



Motown Knights Gig List – 2015

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Hello! To All You Very Patient “Motown Knights” Fans….

YES – this website IS still going – still alive and – finally – presenting to you – the 2015 Motown Knights Gig List

Motown Knights Gig List for 2015!…has been a long time coming but as you long suffering folk well know by now – this is just “par for the course”. Every year it’s the same story….It’s kinda like a tradition…yeah a – holy – tradition that I’m reluctant to break in case bad luck,  serious mayhem and general pestilence fall like a deathly veil over the nation. Talking about “pestilence” and “deathly veils” – the General Elections will soon be upon us…Yikes! Why not take a break from all the political gobbledygook and come and see us instead – the Motown Knights – LIVE – while we – still – are!…

We’re not getting any younger yer know…and neither are – YOU! So “gerra move on”…Hope to see you soon.

Yours In Motown, Soul & Reggae

Emmanuel – Motown Knights

Motown Knights Video – At Last !

Hi Folks,

Mmm – It’s about time I placed a little Motown Knights Music on this site!…Thanks for reminding me Lucinda…Now all I need to do is update the gig list!…


Emmanuel – Motown Knights

Tel: Daniel on 07719 212130 now to book the incredible Motown Knights for your event…

Hello Everyone,

I hope this belated post from the Motown Knights finds everyone in good health and looking forward with a cheerful heart to Christmas 2015 and the New Year.

As you can see from the headline our New Years Eve gig at the Van Dyk Hotel in Clowne near Worksop having originally been “cancelled” – has NOW been reinstated.

The original totally unwarranted cancellation was done at very short notice last Friday (11th December 2015) – by Van Dyk’s. It was a very unbecoming and untrustworthy way for a so-called professional establishment to behave. Their action did leave us struggling to find a replacement booking and we’re not happy about that.

However yesterday – (Thursday 17th December) Hotel Van Dyk decided that they do want the Motown Knights to perform there this New Years Eve after all. Therefore – in the interests of not disappointing our fans we have agreed to appear. Let’s hope they don’t decide to cancel the booking yet again!

So – if you’ve purchased a ticket and were expecting to see the Motown Knights on New Years Eve at the Van Dyk Hotel – don’t panic. It’s now looking like you’re NOT going to be disappointed. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet – well what are you waiting for? It may not be too late….There may be a few left?…

In any event – be of good cheer and allow me to extend to all you loyal fans our very best wishes for Christmas, the New Year and beyond. Eat, drink, be merry – and remember to catch at least one of our gigs in 2016 – at a venue near you. Hopefully we’ll now see you this New Years Eve at the Hotel Van Dyk.

Whatever You Do – Have A Good One…and Keep The Faith.

Yours Sincerely

Emmanuel & Lloyd – The Motown Knights


Motown Knights Gig List – 2014…

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Hello Faithful Motown Knights Fans….

I’m assuming that some folk still check by to see if there’s any sign of life on the Motown Knights Gig List?!

Well I’m pleased to tell you that I finally got around to updating the Motown Knights gig list for 2014!…Yes I know that Christmas is nearly upon us and 2015 now looms large! What can I say…except that I’m sorry for being  “wuckless and lazy”….I promise to beat myself around the head with an mouldy old kipper – as penance….I will really try to do better in the new year…

Many thanks to the many loyal fans that keep returning here and keep the faith. Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to support us over the years…The Motown Knights hope to see more of you in what’s left of 2014 and beyond….

All The Very Best

Emmanuel – Motown Knights


Tel: Daniel on 07719 212130 now  to book the fantastic Motown Knights for your event

Hello to the Faithful…

You’ll be pleased to know that the Motown Knights Gig List is now updated for 2013. If you click on the link you’ll be taken straight there. I could apologise for the delay – but let’s face it if I kept this blog up to date and – regularly updated the gig list….like I should – well your little tickers wouldn’t be able to take the shock! I’m lazy cos I love you! You see – I don’t want to be responsible for any heart attacks out there! …At this stage it would be just too much of a “volte face” (yer see that…I used french! I must be well posh!)  In short I reckon I’ve been a lazy b****** far too long to change now!

One thing you really can be sure of though…and that is a really good night out if and when you come and see us perform. If you want to see a really good Motown, Soul and Reggae duo – then we’re the ones to check out.

Joking aside  – thanks for keeping the faith and checking back often…As you can see – from time to time I do visit and – update – just can’t say when LOL…

Hey I just updated the Motown Knight’s gig list again. Would you believe it’s now up to ‘date -ish’ until December 2013. I need to go and lie down now…

I truly hope to see y’all soon..

All the Very Best Wishes For 2013 and Beyond

Emmanuel – Motown Knights:


The Motown Knights Gig List is now – UPDATED for 2012!

Yes folks – it’s been a long time. However I’m not going to make any excuses…suffice to say that – ya should know me by now …The Motown Knights gig list  just doesn”t update that often LOL!

Anyway I hope you’re all still keepin’ the faith – I’m told that it does pay off -eventually.

Try and get to see us this year. The Motown Knights are  still “rockin’ the house” up and down this land. So come and join the party…

See Ya Later…

Emmanuel – Motown Knights


This is going out to all our Scunthorpe (Scunny) fans…and of course anyone who doesn’t mind travelling to see us.

The Motown Knights will be appearing at the Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe on the 30th April 2011. It’s a ticketed event and the word on the grapevine is that tickets are going fast…

So if you would like to see the Motown Knights at The Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe – don’t hang about. Don’t miss what I’m sure will be another great night…

Get in touch with the Royal Hotel and secure your ticket today.  Their contact details are below: –

The Royal Hotel, Doncaster Rd, Scunthorpe, DN15 7DE
Tel: 01724 282233


We hope to see you on the night…
Best Wishes

Emmanuel & Lloyd – The Motown Knights

Hi Motown Knights Fans,

A lot of things have happened since I last updated the Motown Knights gig list! Yeah – I can say with out fear of contradiction that we’ve certainly seen war, famine…and flood. I don’t know what’s happening to the world we thought we knew. If you’ve still been visiting the site this past year…thanks for keepin’ the faith. No excuses really…well actually I do have three pretty good excuses…They are as follows: - One. I HATE computers! Two. I HATE computers…and not forgetting Three. I REALLY HATE COMPUTERS… There now – I feel a lot better for gettin’ that off my chest….

Anyway the Motown Knights are still going – wild and strong – and we could be in your neighborhood soon. …So check out the new Motown Knights gig list then get yourself over to see us this year. The sooner the better…

Now at this point I could promise to update the Motown Knights gig list more often in future…but given my track record – would you believe me? Naaaah!  Just keep checkin’ back and we’ll see what we’ll see…

Speak To Ya Soon…


Emmanuel – Motown Knights

Hurry! Get Your Motown Knights – Redbourn Club Gig Tickets Now…Ring Christine on 07786 964248

Yes folks the rumors are true – the Motown Knights will be taking to the stage at The Redbourn Club, Scunthorpe again….Two weeks on Friday9th July. Those of you who were at our last performance there will remember that the night was “kick ass”.

A few tickets are still available from your good friend and ours – Christine Watson… Ring  her on the above number (07786 964248) to reserve your ticket today…


Emmanuel –  The Motown Knights